Abundance of Love

You know that saying that people come into your life for a reason, a season or a lifetime? I have just gone through a transition with Sweetie that leaves me having to ponder that and whether it makes the change we’re going through any easier.

It does in a way… My lifestyle choices do allow me the freedom to love in a way that gives me choices to have people in my life in many different ways. While Sweetie may no longer be my primary significant other, he still holds my heart in a way and always will. I don’t doubt for a second that his love for me is there as well. Remaining meaningful to each other is a definite in our lives and for that I am so grateful.

Spent the afternoon having a chat with a newish friend who I am finally getting a chance to get to know better and enjoying it very much. The topic was about relationships and options and choices that we make in who and how we love. He is younger than me by a number of years and is finding his way much earlier than I did. Having waited until almost 40 years old to realize and live how I choose with regards to relationships it warms my heart to see someone doing it so much sooner than I did. I have said that if I knew 20 years ago what I know now to be true about love and relationships for myself…oh my, the difference that would have made in my life!

The simple fact for me is that love doesn’t need to be limited and narrow in its manifestation in my life. I have Sweetie still in my life and he means so much to me. He is my rock, the arms to hold me and make me feel safe and sheltered. Always a place in my heart and my arms for him.  I have a wonderful woman, my Squirrelfriend ;),  in my life who I can confide in, trust with my fears and wishes and who has also a special place in heart, and my arms… Soft kisses and warm hugs … Add to that the abundance of love from friends and I am surrounded by not only support in times of need but silly giggles and frivolity to lift my spirits and make my heart fill with laughter.

Love comes in many forms and packages. Love is given to us in so many different relationships. Our choice is to accept it in its numerous offerings and embrace it and fill our lives with it.

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