A Snapshot of Insomnia

9:30pm Tired and barely able to keep my eyes open

9:45pm Looked at clock

11:30pm eyes open, it must be morning, yay! I slept…nope…not even midnight

12:15am still not morning

1:00am ugh

1:45am a whole 45 minutes

2:07am clock check

2:25am still awake

3:05am I think I slept 🙂

3:33am more sleep 🙂

4:03am clock check

4:45am almost 45 minutes of sleep… I’m on a roll here

4:58am can’t sleep

5:03am seriously, it’s only been 5 minutes!!!!!!!

5:20am still awake

5:31am pretty sure the night’s “sleep” is done

5:45am headache so bad I can’t stand it anymore

5:50am aaaaand, up for the day

And people wonder why I’m cranky.

I’ve been a lifelong insomniac…going through spells when I either can’t get to sleep at all or when, like lately, I can get to sleep no problem but wake continuously all night – ending usually with being up for good from about 4:30am.

I have tried most remedies…teas, natural supplements – melatonin being the latest one…meditations, breathing techniques etc… nothing works. Sleeping pills work somewhat but only for a few hours or the heavier ones leave me with such a “hang-over” that I can’t function. Plus, sleeping pills, for me, don’t leave me feeling rested. Sure, I was “asleep” (unconscious really) but I don’t wake feeling refreshed – I still feel tired; not to mention the side effects :(.
So, I continue to not sleep and hope for the best… maybe some late night blogging would help 😉

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