A letter to my bed

My dearest bed… you are recent to my life, only slightly more than a year we’ve been together.

My bond with you was so important I made sure that it was just me and you, alone together, that first night we were together. I had to claim you as mine – singularly and solely mine as I knew that was integral. My life, solitary…my relationship with you must be firmly set that way too.

Since that night you have seen some of the hottest and coldest nights – and I’m not talking about temperature. Highs and lows have been journeyed in your embrace. Your softness has soaked up both the sweat of bodies consumed with the heat of passion and more tears that should ever be spilled.

You have cushioned knees and elbows and faces and muffled screams of pleasure … your firmness giving under the weight and your softness enveloping deeply.

You have held me alone for so many months now…you still proving to be a comfort in the hours of tossing and turning without sleep. You no longer hold the promise of rest for me like you once did… the memories of satisfied sleep after nights filled with snuggling and bodies locked in a fury of desire now faded…. sleep no longer comes to me when I lay down with you… yet still I yearn for you and warmly enter your cocoon of comfort that you do provide…rest for the body if not the mind.

To you, my bed, I thank you for all that you’ve endured and enjoyed with me already and for our future together. *hugs*

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