Day 2, Malevolence?

Smiles started early today after I picked up Son 1 from work at 7am and a conversation with him, Son 2 and myself ensued at home regarding kitten names. I’m getting 2 female kittens tomorrow and made the mistake/genius move to ask for their assistance in name options.

As I should have expected, it turned ridiculous quickly ;). Son 1’s idea to name them names of colours that they aren’t resulted in the somewhat catchy “Sanguine and Periwinkle”…. then onto names that are decidedly non-sweet and kitten-like: “Sadist and Malevolence”…. I actually kind of like Malevolence, hmm

The agreed upon standard now is that they should have titles and full names, including middle and last names so the options are almost endless…

One comment

  1. I love the naming of pets…I have three cats-Skimbleshanks, Minstrel and Richard Parker (who is a girl). Hubbell the dog named after Robert Redford’s character and not the telescope and don’t get me started on the chickens 😀 Have fun choosing. The possibilities are endless!

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