I am

I am

She tears at me from my depths
searing me
the rawness of Her scares me at times
Her force expansive and full
all at once a part of me and yet all of me
She gnaws and clamors,
seeking, hunting for a way out,
demanding release,
needing to be freed,
not to escape.
never to be gone.
Her savageness is my Self.
Her primal ferocity is mine – is me.
She hungers for indulgence,
She rests no longer.
Her right to be acknowledged met,
born by pain, blood, rage, howls and screams,
born by softness, solitude, silence and love.
Her screams no longer silent.
My eyes shine with Her light ,set free to luminesce
My heart beats, as it always has, with Our strength, now knowing it…
in the purest sense of knowing it.
aware of coming home to my Self.
Her and I, One now, We weep and rage and laugh and are…
expressed and celebrated…
found, brought forth, joined and embraced

I am
She is
We are
complete in Our fractured pieces
perfect in Our imperfection
beautiful in Our brokenness
I am Her as She is Me
We are
I am

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