Yoga revisited

The following is an older one but in light the wonderful Yoga time I had yesterday (the first in a far too long-span of time) I dug it out and am sharing it again. The words resonate with how I’m feeling today about my committment to bringing back the things that I love into my life.

My body remembers the seated posture
My breath slows, controlled against desires to race ,like my mind
The rhythm becomes embraced as my Self becomes aware

Like the welcoming of a long-awaited and sorely missed lover.
I feel my muscles soften and my spirit start to edge outwards
A warmth in the base of my spine
Kundalini awakens

I move my body with my breath, instinctive and knowing;
As it was when I first practiced, so many years ago.
It feels as if my body and spirit are merely embracing
A movement that has always been there, sleeping and waiting

My feet now grounded on the mat
Feeling the four corners of each foot.
The rooting of my body firm and resolute,
The steadiness grows with each breath

Hands and arms cycling through with legs
Asanas far too long left unpracticed
Soreness settles as joints creak
Pressure builds as my spirit soars and I drive through sequences

My body all at once familiar and obscure to me
Placement hindered by tightness that never was before
A freedom to accept the limitations
Freedom that never was before

Heat flows through my body like a river
Swirling and cascading
My breath driving it onward to nourish
The fire that has been sparked

My Self answers “Yes”, with clarity and strength
Before my mind can even ask the question.
Doubt and uncertainty do not exist in this place
The place that I found my strength once before, still resides here.


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