Energy in…Energy out

Energy is an elusive facet of life. It’s something that, when you mention it, some people roll their eyes and label you as one of “those people”. It’s intangible to the physical (but not really) and can’t be measured (well, it can in a way) and can’t be seen (but it can be felt).

Energy is something that plays a large role on my life and it’s something that has become more and more integral to understanding my Self as I have grown. When I teach Yoga, I instruct very energetically. I don’t mean that in a way that it sounds to most people… I’m not leaping about doing cartwheels and dancing. Energetically in the sense of imparting energetic connection and helping people become more aware of both their own and others energy. Feeling the palpable energy that flows from one hand to the other… from your hand to another person’s heart … it’s simple and real and there. That feeling you get when someone is standing behind you; you know they’re there even though you didn’t hear them? It’s you sensing their energy. The energy of a place, of objects, of living things…all have an impact on us – whether draining or rejuvenating or neutral. Just standing near some people is calming, others incite the opposite response. Why? It’s their energy.

We both receive and give energy. The fascinating thing is how we are all so unique in what we need to recharge and balance our own energy. Extroverts generally need outside energy to fill them up. They become sluggish and despondent even when they spend too much time alone. They thrive and soak up the energy that’s around them in crowds. We all know those people that get pumped up and absolutely vibrate almost in massive crowds and gatherings. It feeds them in a way nothing else does.

The introvert bunch (of which I am a content member of) exists in a different world. For myself, I need the solitude, the quiet and introspection of connecting with my own personal energy to fill back up again. Interacting with others is like a battery being drained. Slowly but steadily wearing down my reserves. Crowds are exhausting mentally and emotionally. Having to put on the public face when it’s a chore and I’m not feeling it? I can do it, but it is going to take some serious restore time to fill that back up!

It has taken me years to figure this out but with understanding comes peace. Knowing what it feels like when I hit that point of “done” is integral to my well-being. Having the self-ease to be able to just say to a friend that I’m done and need to say goodnight or goodbye is freeing. My very close friends can see it even before I say anything. There is a very distinct shift in my energy and those that know me well will look at me and say “You’re done, aren’t you”…in a nice and understanding way ☺…and I finally have the ability to be able to say if I am and to know that it’s ok. It’s just how I’m wired.

Being conscious of the places , people and activities that recharge me and bring me calm and that fill my well is where I am now in my life…the energy that flows in and out… The people I encounter receive from me but also give. It’s all about the balance. Being conscious of where I give and from where I receive is integral to that balance.

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