A reminder to fly

Sitting in the sauna today … I look down and I see the ink on my forearm. By ink, I mean my tattoo. I have a number of them but this one is my newest. It is simple script and it reads “and she flew”.

Words that resonate with me and that were inscribed on my flesh as a reminder. A reminder of the freedom that I have inside of me. A reminder that I am blessed to have experiences that brought that feeling to me.
A tattoo that was brought about from a writing of mine that embodied a transition sought … Just days after that writing I found that freedom, that flight of knowing ease and peace. However fleeting it was, the knowledge that it was there inside of me was a gift to discover.

Today, at a time of struggling with life again, looking down and seeing those three words brings it all back.
And that was why those words were inked there. Reminders are helpful sometimes.

and she flew

wind dances in her hair, lifting and playing with the jumbled strands
the breeze kisses her
tingles bring a shiver to her as she roots to the edge
eyes closed softly against the view
the horizon’s image burned into her mind
the setting sun blazes but no heat reaches her
the season has turned and taken the warmth with it
leaving a chill mated with the sun now as it lowers in the sky
steady and strong is her stance
she waits
she knows when its the right moment
she waits
the movements awakens far inside of her
long before any perceptible sign is visible
she draws her breath inward
slowly and deeply, fully into her
her wings unfurl, expand, reach
face uplifted, eyes opening as she gazes
exhale and an effortless lean forward
not so much the freedom of flight she seeks
as it is the release of the weight she leaves
as she soars

and she flew

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