I came across this on Facebook the other day and it was being “shared” and “liked” by a number of my friends. It struck me that it is quite possibly one of the most offensive and annoying things that I’ve seen in a while to be honest.

First of all, the concept that someone is broken or damaged is arguable at best. We go through things. We struggle, we endure, we live so therefore, there are rough times. That’s life. Doesn’t make us broken, it makes us human.

Secondly, and most the issue here, is the idea that someone else is the answer to our problems. That someone, some mythical white night (gender neutrality here btw) is going to swoop in and magically make us “better” by holding us tightly. It’s hard not to laugh or scream at the sheer ridiculousness of that.

True, having someone to lean on and to comfort you through a hard time is helpful. Looking to, or expecting someone to just simply make it all better and to fix you is inane and unhealthy.

The only person who can “fix” you, is you. Plain and simple. IMG_25625496047143

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