The Beauty of The Maelstrom

“…I don’t just wish you rain, Beloved – I wish you the beauty of storms…” John Geddes

I love this quote. For so many reason, but the most prominent one being that I find such beauty in storms. The fierceness, the strength and the seeming chaos that is unleashed. A force of nature to revere and honour.

It mirrors what life can be and what enraptures me.
The sheer expansive power of energy. No way to control it.
Learn to ride it and know when to find shelter and ride it out.
Know when to stand in the eye of it and watch the hairs on your body stand up in the electric hum that buzzes.
Know the joy of rain lashing your face while thunder roars and lightning blinds you.
Know your smallness and feel it. Really feel it.
Feel how the energy flows and how you’re a part of it.
The beauty of a Maelstrom…

An unpredictable surface
Masking fortitude and composure beneath

The tempest rages…Explosive, volatile and erratic
Torrents of passion, seemingly undirected

A display of allegedly uncontrolled power
The overwhelming sense of chaos, disordered and tumultuous

The heart of the Maelstrom lies deeply within
A driving force, hidden, yet unfaltering

A known intention…focus unwavering
Strength and resolve, unquestionable

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