Finally moving day, aka, day three of three, new this time around

I’m a person who holds firm to the belief to not drag out something that’s stressful or difficult to get through. Rip that bandage off quickly, power through and just get it done, it’s better to do it and get it done than to drag it out. Yet right now, I’m trying something different.

It’s moving weekend for me. I say weekend instead of day because I’m doing this move a little more flexible-like and spread out. Taking the time to take advantage of a two week overlap of places. Moving in the little stuff, the fragile and awkward things this past weekend.. the big, actual move in date being today. It’s a new experience for me, being able to embrace the fact that I can do it the easy way. It’s not in my nature but I’m trying to expand my horizons in a healthier way. So, instead of the usual “I am going to do everything in one day and exhaust myself and hurt myself”. this move is more drawn out, and a slower pace.

My usual way to do this would have been to still do it all in one day, even with the overlap. A truckload, followed by numerous car trips with the pictures, the plants, the awkward things that don’t do well in the big moving truck; the fridge and freezer stuff; the last minute bathroom and kitchen things; a race to get the truck rental back on time and having to leave all those “little things” to get that done; fast food that leaves you feeling even worse than hungry… a day that would begin before the sun came up and end falling into bed late that night, exhausted and sore with a mind full of things to do as soon as I jump out of bed the next morning.

When I contemplated using to my advantage the fact that I don’t “need” to be out in one day, my initial thoughts were “no way”. Today, in the wee hours of the final moving day for me, it strikes me though that this has been good. Yes, it’s drawn it out. However, as I look around my soon-to-be old place and it is all simple furniture and boxes with none of the “little things” that seem to be the cause of most move day exhaustion and just-want-to-be-done-but-we-aren’t-yet feelings. True, it’ll still be a long and hard day but it won’t be as stressful. Hell, I even have time to write a blog post!

Not bad, it only took me 20 plus years and more than a dozen moves of my own planning before I figured this out. Better late than never. 🙂

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  1. Good on ya Dawn! I hope you have some buddies or strong sons to help you move the heavy stuff.

    I love lists, spreadsheets, and Day Minders. They used to help me to rush through my busy Type A lifestyle. Denni has helped me to evolve (over several years) into a much more relaxed person. I can still use these fun tools, but now I use them in such a way that I don’t ever forget what I have to do, but if at all possible I’ll stretch things out or “God-Help-Me”…PROCRASTINATE. This way I can do fun things too, or just relax or read…..

    Good Luck in your new place! 🙂

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