moments held breathless

the whispers of your body against the sheets as you move towards me

your reach for me, your hands holding me close, bringing us in tightly to each other

your exhale as your body settles against mine

that moment when you sink against me, your body pressing softly to mine,warmth and closeness beyond physical

the hollow of your throat under my lips

your scent, filling me with desire

my nails running through your closely cropped hair

my tongue softly tracing the line of your ear, my breath whispers of anticipation

my kisses finding your neck, my teeth grazing lightly

the feel of goosebumps on your back as my fingers trail downwards, teasing, promising

the softness of your curves under my hands and my mouth

the lines of your body, beautiful with their raw sensuality and simple ease of movement

the arc of your hip as it rests under my hand as I drift to sleep

moments held breathless in their beauty

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