Yes, it IS my mid-life crisis, thank you very much

Overheard at work today

“So she comes out as a lesbian, then a legal name change, now she’s moving. All she needs is a sports car and it’s a complete mid-life crisis!”

Followed by laughter and more talk that I didn’t hear because I walked away. Yes, it was me that was being discussed. While my initial thoughts strayed somewhere in the realm of daydreaming about buying a sports car and using it to run over the person who said those comments, that was short-lived.

The fact is that all those things said about me are true. It’s not like she was spreading lies or saying hurtful things about me. While I have known about, accepted, and expressed my sexuality for many years, I haven’t been very open about it publicly until last year. While I have been open that I went by a name other than my one given at birth, I didn’t legally change it till last year. Yes, I did find out yesterday that I am moving – again. So, all true. Not at all hurtful. I am not only comfortable with my sexuality and with being gay, I’m happy that I’m finally living openly how I choose to. I’m thrilled to have finally changed my name legally and have my paperwork match who I feel I am inside. Excited and happy about moving to a place that feels good to me. As for the sports car, if I do feel the desire to trade in my trusty four door sedan, I’ll do it if I want. Cause yes, I am mid-life and it’s not a crisis to realize that I can live how I want.

So go ahead and chit-chat behind a not-quite closed door. I’m the one smiling and walking away thinking how proud of myself I am that I chose this path. Sure it took me till midway through my life, but it’s better late than never.

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