You must have walked into the room but I didn’t notice.

You were just simply there

all of a sudden,

next to me on the couch.


I’m not surprised to see you,

even though I should be.

You’re not on this side anymore.

That’s what the coroner told me just a few hours ago.

She made me hear her.

Even when I tried not to.

Especially when I tried not to.


Now here you are.

We sit together.

I don’t say anything at first.

Then a quiet “How are you?” escapes my lips.


You shrug.

A familiar movement from you.

It’s not out of the ordinary.

But it should be.

I know that deep inside.

But it isn’t.

It’s just you and me.


“I’m okay” you almost whisper to me.

You sit.

“It’s not…” You start, then your voice trails off.

I hear you sigh.


Now it’s my turn to shrug.

I don’t know what to say.

I have too much,

and nothing,

to ask.


“I have to go.” You say as you stand to leave.

You wait, looking down at me.

“Do you have to?”

I turn to look up at you.

But you’re already gone.


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