Ode to Your Anxiety

Anxiety gets a bad rap most of the time, when really, just think how giving it is and all that it does for you!

Your Anxiety is always there when you need it the most. Or is that when you need it the least? Hmmmm, well, either way, Anxiety has got your back! No matter how alone you feel, you can count on Anxiety to pop up and hold you tight – okay, it may need to loosen up that grip so you can feel like you can breath but really, it’s just showing you how much it’s there for you! You should be thankful you have such a compassionate Anxiety.

Your Anxiety will never abandon you. Seriously, you should know this by now. Unlike those fickle and fleeting emotions like joy and bliss, your Anxiety will remain a constant player in your story. Anger may come and go and even love, but Anxiety – ah it will remain yours! Sometimes more of a bit part and often the lead role, center stage, but always there and with a promise to never leave your side. Not everyone is so lucky!

Your Anxiety plays well with others. A team player if ever there was one! What if Anger comes along? No problem, add in a splash of Anxiety and the experience becomes even more explosive. No need for thanks, it’s done out of love. Happiness, Anticipation, Joy? All made “better” with some butterflies in the stomach and sweaty palms. Toss in some dry mouth and racing heart for a bonus and you are the recipient of your Anxiety’s social mingling, genius level.

Your Anxiety never quits. Even when you think you have managed to squash it down with distractions or medications or any of the other myriad of tools in your arsenal, your Anxiety bounces back like a ricocheting bullet in a tin house. It may get beaten down, but it always rises to the top. It’s good like that ;). You should be happy it has such tenacity, not many things in life do anymore!

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