come to bed

your skin whispers against the sheets as you come to bed
I reach for you, my arms drawing you in close to me
you exhale as your body settles against mine
you sink against me, your body pressing easily to mine
warmth and closeness beyond physical
your eyes are already closed, sleep promises to take you quickly tonight
I hold onto that last moment before you slip into your dreams
I whisper goodnight, my lips barely moving
my hand wanders the landscape of you
the pathways of your body unfolding under my fingertips
the lines of your body, beautiful in their raw sensuality
I write the story of our sleepy lust with my touch as you breathe softly
pressing my lips to the soft hollow of your throat
my lips linger, I feel your heartbeat pulse against them
I breathe you in, your scent, filling me
my hand moves slowly
my nails lightly trailing through your closely cropped hair
I lift my face to yours, my cheek brushes yours
my tongue softly traces the line of your ear,
my breath whispers and you shiver a reply
my kisses find your neck, my teeth grazing lightly
I can feel goosebumps on your back as my hand caresses you
my eyes close and I relish in the softness of your curves under my touch
my hand finds the arc of your hip and rests
I hear your breath, slow and deep as I drift to sleep

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