all that i am


i doubt me


all that is me

i hide me

away from me  

i try to make myself small

so small that i can’t been seen

because i’m not anything 

worth seeing


i believe this

i am this


i don’t let myself 


because my light

is wrong

and should be filtered 


not exploding for all 

to see

but hidden

where it deserves

to be


in its wrongness


i believe this 

i am this


i live inside

my walls

where i should 


where i belong

people who are


go out there

beyond their limits


not me


i reach my fingers past

the boundary

of me


run back to hide

away where i belong


i believe this

i am this


my power






waits for me

to release

her but i 

hold her back



she is stupid to believe

that she is 

all those things

and more

that even she 

has no idea of


i scare me


i am afraid of 

who i hide away

of who says yes

when i scream no

fear of who i 

can be

who i am

terrifies me


and it should

scare me


because i am 

all that i don’t believe

that i am

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