In the process of feeding my cat today I dropped the little cup of dry cat food as I bent to place it in her bowl. Kibbles flew everywhere and scattered, some landing in her fur, some clear across the room and the floor basically covered with little bits of cat yumminess 🙂

My cat, sitting beside her bowl, looked up at me with a look that said “well, get moving, none of that landed in my bowl and I’m not eating off the floor”.

As I put another scoop in the bowl and she began to eat I went and got the vacuum out. With each kibble sucked up and taken care of it occurred to me that had she been a dog, this wouldn’t have been an issue. After the drop of food, I would have simply walked out of the kitchen as she bounded to and fro in bliss, so happy for the “scavenger hunt” that her amazing Mistress had provided for her ;).

On the flip side though, I can top up her foodbowl and leave for 24 hours and I know she’ll be fine when I get back. No trips out to the great outdoor bathroom needed…no “lack of attention”  behaviour to worry about…nope, quite the contrary; when I return I will be greeted with a look (if she bothers to look up when I come in the house) that will say “oh, you decided to come back?” followed by indifference.

People may say cats are uncaring but it’s always her little warm furry body that slowly curls up to me when I need her the most. We just never speak of it afterwards 😉

383744_461539643906229_442105665_nCame across this quote today…

“The truth does not change according to our ability to stomach it.” by Flannery O’Connor and it resonates with me.

Whether or not we want something to “be” sometimes it just “is”. The simple fact is that we don’t need to be okay with it, we don’t need to be happy about it or even accept it wholly. It’s enough acceptance to have it just “be” and know that you can’t change it. Happy journeying fellow wanderers *hugs*






It’s funny how people tend to drop in your lap  just when you need them to sometimes. I had an appointment today with a new hairdresser and within 5 minutes it became clear that I was meant to be sittign exactly in his chair and hearing what he had to say.

I’ve been searching for what to do professionally and getting a bit frustrated and a sense of “what am I going to do” has been creeping into my head more often.

After 10 minutes with this man and what was, on the surface, idle chit chat it took a turn for deeper conversation as we recognized in each other a kindred sharing of base beliefs. Beliefs in a universal law of energy and the simple truth that what you believe to be possible IS possible. The flip side…what you believe to be NOT possible, will never come to fruition.

I was talking with Sweetie the other day about this very thing and how I believe that if you don’t honestly think that you can achieve something, then you never will. For the basic fact that whether consciously or subconsciously, you will make your belief a reality. If you don’t believe something can be achieved then you will never give the challenge the energy or effort needed to achieve it. After all, why try if you know, deep down that there is no possibility of success? This is about so much more than a conscious thought. It is the universal rule that we create that which we believe we can have …and that which we believe we deserve.

There’s a big difference between talking the talk and walking the walk.

Not only did I walk away with a gorgeous new colour of hair but a reaffirming of the truth that I can achieve what I know I deserve and what I KNOW I can do…

as always, Lola

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