This song is out recently and I finally had a chance to really listen to it. I’ll be honest that it brought me to sobs because of it being a subject that is close to home. ( )

There is a lot of talk about this generation being more open and accepting and the discriminations that we all faced growing up being largely a thing of the past. The facts are that this isn’t all that true. While these issues have gotten better with every generation we still have a ways to go. The horrendous facts are that kids do hide who they are, they are afraid to be who they really are and sometimes they make choices to not be here at all rather than live with who they are.

We, all of us, whether you’re the up and coming generation – just graduated, about to graduate… whether you’re the parents or the grandparents or the friends…we all have to not only sit back and think that people can be who they are… we have to *show* that it’s ok…

I’m talking about not only sexual orientation but gender identity and the whole realm that those encompass. Growing up is a gauntlet of emotions and trying to figure out where you fit. If you don’t fit inside your own mind because your mind has been shaped to reject and shame who you are – it’s hell.

“that’s gay” “faggot” “queer”… used to indicate a derogatory insinuation… are these ok? Simple, they’re not. Think about the 16 year old boy who hates himself for having sexual feelings for another boy or the 15 year old girl who can’t stand her body because it feels “wrong” when you toss those terms about. How would you feel in their shoes to hear how you identify being used to insult?

I was talking with my younger son a few months ago and it was during Pride weekend. On the radio they were playing the top 100 songs “in no particular order – cause who says a countdown has to be straight?”… He asked what “straight” meant because the sentence didn’t make sense to him. So I explained how the term straight is used usually to describe when 2 people of opposite genders love each other and are close to each other. I then explained (as best I could to a 9 year old) the terms gay, lesbian, bi-sexual, transgendered etc… It was a long conversation lol! He asked lots of questions and some were very pointed about same sex couples. He asked why a man and another man couldn’t marry each other if they loved each other… he asked how someone knows if they’re gay or straight…questions that I tried my best to answer.

The most amazing question he asked was simple though… “Why do they have to call it different things? Love is just love. Whether it’s 2 boys or 2 girls, it’s still just love. It’s not gay love or lesbian love or straight love. It’s just love”

Please make it just that simple.

So here’s how the hetero-normative fairy-tale is delivered to us as we grow up:

Girl grows up; girl has doubts about her beauty and therefore, her value and worth…whether anyone will ever love her; Girl meets boy; Boy and girl fall deeply in love; birds sing the praises of their enduring love, stars sparkle more brightly, flowers bloom brighter and all previous issues are swept aside, never to worry either of them again; Girl now has Boy who will protect her and cherish her and life will go on happily ever after.

So we are conditioned to believe that all we need to be ok is a mate. A singular, all-encompassing mate who will fulfill all of our needs and wants. A partner who will love us unconditionally and forever – and who we will love likewise.

Now the screeching sound as those visions hit reality…

Is it any wonder that we have a society of young people (don’t worry, us more mature persons are just as messed up) who struggle with feelings of self-doubt and a sense of lack of fitting-in?

What if you’re a girl who likes other girls “in that way”, or a boy who like other boys “in that way”… or what if you like them all and can’t chose, and don’t want to have to make choice for just one option.

What if your body has packaging of one gender and your mind has the wiring of a different one? Or if your mind feels neutral, regardless of what body it dwells in? Gender neutral or asexual… you still need and want love and companionship and connection but not “in that way”.

Or what happens if you are a girl or a boy who wants the fairy-tale? Are you “less” than others who push against it? You find yourself accused of setting back the “cause” and you are held to ridicule for buying into the brain-washing. But what if it IS what you truly want? Then have it.

The possibilities of how our minds and bodies are connected and wired and respond is almost limitless so how do we fit in to a societal structure that is constructed on such a narrow base of “norms” and expectations?

My feelings are that we all don’t fit no matter what. There will always be someone to judge and someone to ridicule or hate or dispute your right to be who and what you are and to live your life and loves your loves with who and how you want.

So live and love how it makes you feel true to you. Respect yourself first and foremost; don’t sacrifice your own beliefs, morals or ethics for anyone else. And remember, you get what you put out there.