What makes “Happy” happen?

I’ve spent a fair bit of time lately thinking about happiness. What it is and how to be more happy. What it is that brings a smile to my face and to my soul.

I watched a fascinating documentary called “Happy” that was a tour de force of inspiration but also left me pondering; what is it that makes me happy?

A question that I have been musing over with a friend as well and an interesting conversation ensued. A seemingly simple question that turned out to be really hard to answer. It’s one thing to know what makes you happy and not be able to do that or have that – it’s a whole other issue when you actually don’t know. As my friend was slightly stumped over pondering the fact that he wasn’t even sure what made him happy, it got me thinking of my own “happy list”.

I thought I knew myself pretty well and that I knew what I would put on that list. As a matter of fact, I decided to jot down my little list and be done with it. So it was a shock when I got thinking and then went “hmmmm, um, hmmmm…” and got stuck. What things can I do for myself when I need a boost… what experiences or things bring me happiness?

It took more thought and triggered more introspection than I thought it was going to. One thing doing this showed me is that most of the things that bring me happiness are in fact simple and already in my life… and some awareness that some things are missing and need to be brought back into my life.

So here it is, my top 11 (because this one goes to 11 *winks* ) …

1. The sound and smell of the ocean.
2. Sunrises enjoyed from the seat of my bike with the wind on my face 🙂
3. Yoga outside in the sunshine.
4. A book, my couch and a blanket and tea, all together on a rainy day.
5. Hiking in the woods, the more off trail, the better.
6. A hot coffee in my hand and a used book store to wander in
7. Hot tubs, even better in chilly weather and in the dark under the stars.
8. Camping (this one is a newly rediscovered happy place, much to my surprise!)
9. Ziplining (like flying, what’s not to love!)
10. A day spent in bed with my love, no schedules and no plans. Lazy and indulgent and blissful 🙂
11. Picnics on the beach.
12. Bonus one! Coffee and people watching.
13. Baker’s Dozen bonus (just because I can…) Chosen family. You know who you are and I love you all.

The most amazing thing about this is that once I got rolling, I realized that there are so many things that bring me happiness… and that’s the best part of doing this is being reminded of the abundance that is around me for the taking.

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